The Squirrel Plays

Infestation (or The Funny Little Abortion Play):

Cast: 2-3 women, 1 man
Running time approx. 20 minutes

Sarah and Tom don't want squirrels. They don't want them in their house or on the premises, not even on the fence. It's in the pre-nup. So when Tom accidentally traps a squirrel in their attic and Sarah must call in an exterminator, it nearly tears their relationship to shreds.


Cast: 4 women, 1 man
Running time approx. 25 minutes

When Sarah and Tom get the bill from the exterminator, Tom goes on a crusade to get the neighborhood association to cover part of the cost... since squirrels are a public health issue, after all. The neighborhood association doesn't feel the need to pay for other people's "carelessness" in regards to squirrels until one of their powerful members is attacked and has an extermination bill of her own.

Losing Joe DiMaggio

Cast: 3 women, 1 man
Running time approx. 40 minutes

Paul made a pact 30 years ago, to dig up a time capsule that he buried with his best friend Lainy, who moved away shortly thereafter and he has not heard from since. When Paul's wife Carol realizes that Paul doesn't think Lainy will show up and has no intention of going to the planned rendezvous, she goes herself. Carol meets a woman she believes to be Lainy, they dig up the capsule and Carol cannot help but feel betrayed by what she finds inside.

Venus in the Morning

Ten-minute play
Cast: 2 women, 3 men

A young reporter, searching the subways of NYC for stories of violence and despair, finds a mystical toll-taker with a tale of two lonely hearts who sleepwalk to her station every night.


Harry Eddleman and Amy Dunlap in Suicide

Enclosed Spaces: Darkness, Captivity, Suicide

Cast: 2 women, 2 men
running time approx. 100 min.

Enclosed Spaces is a compilation of three plays that explore different states of isolation and its effect on the soul, the mind, and human relationships.

Darkness: Erin is awakened by a "loud exploding noise" that her husband Steve does not hear. As they bicker over the significance of the periodic air-raid sirens they realize that, not only have they lost power, but their phone line is dead, and there isn't a glimmer of electricity for as far as the eye can see. They sit in absolute darkness, Steve wanting to go back to sleep, Erin thinking the world is coming to an end, when Raj - their annoying and omnipresent downstairs neighbor - comes up to wait out the black- out with them. While they try to distract themselves from whatever disaster that has occurred, Erin and Steve discover that Raj knows more about their marriage than they do.

Captivity: Owen wakes up in a bare room with no door and two women who appear to have been locked away in this nondescript place for quite some time. As he desperately tries to figure out where he is, the women demonstrate how the mind and soul can deteriorate when they are deprived of hope, giving him a glimpse of his own future in this place.

Suicide: A corrupt and suicidal politician, riding the subway, pondering his last few moments on Earth, is interrupted by some homeless late-night train-riding regulars who help him transform his suicide into something more than just another death - a mysterious and newsworthy event.