MICHAEL: Her mouth. Like an old woman. A baby with that caved-in old woman's mouth, and that hideous helmet, and the arm braces... She doesn't even look like a person. I can't see a person when I look at my daughter.

FREDRIK: Have you hired another alternate member of the Estonian woman's wrestling team to help me bathe?

The Anatomy of Pain

this play is currently under development

Fredrik is a retired surgeon who is housebound and sometimes wheelchair bound by severe arthritis. His relationship with his much younger trophy-wife is disintegrating as she goes elsewhere to find the sexual fulfillment Fredrik can no longer provide. Maty is a 15 year old professional cellist squirming under the thumb of her domineering mother and contemplating running away.

When Maty and Fredrik befriend one another on a chess website, Maty's untrusting mother tells the police that Maty is the victim of an internet predator. Michael Guitterez, an undercover cop now sidelined by a back injury, is assigned to investigate Fredrik. While Michael doesn't think Fredrik is physically capable of being a threat to this girl, something about the friendship doesn't add up to him. When Maty ends up in Fredrik's livingroom all the skeletons come out of the closet.

A look at how obsessive work ethics can tear apart family bonds, this play is still in development.

Cast: 3 women, 3 men

MATY: He sends his letters to the second violin now, so mom won't find them, and then the timpani translates. It's not very private.