"…highly original high-tech fairytale…"
Beverly Friend, CityLife, Stage Left Theatre; Chicago, IL

"McCullough has an eye and ear for irony and caustic, comic dialogue."
Al Reiss, The Mail Tribune, Actor's Theatre, Talent, OR


Cyber Serenade

Laura Jones Macknin, Geoff Rice, Cory Krebsbach, Craig Bryant, Suzanne Cobb Barston, Jane DeLaubenfels, Jack Tippett, Stage Left Theatre, Chicago, IL; directed by Kevin Heckman, photo by Tony V. Martin

Christine Gatto, Cory Krebsbach, Laura Jones Macknin; Stage Left Theatre, Chicago, IL; photo by Tony V. Martin

Christine Gatto, Jack Tippett, Cory Krebsbach, Cat Dean, Jane DeLaubenfels; Stage Left Theatre, Chicago, IL; photo by Tony V. Martin

Dan spends so much time talking to his long-distance lover that his cell phone has become fused to his hand.

Ellen thinks she is falling in love on-line, when in actuality she is spiraling down into the depths of Internet addiction.

Their teenage daughter, Ari, acutely aware of her parents' infidelities, is trying to navigate the world of cyber romance herself as her boyfriend leaves for college.

In the midst of the chaos, technology takes on human form and begins to manipulate this fragile family for its own amusement. A cautionary tale about love, communication, and communication technology.

Cast: 3 women, 3 men and 1 of either gender

Cyber Serenade was nominated for the American Theatre Critic Association's 2001 Osborn Award.

"A playful cautionary tale about the way electronic wizardry…can easily come to dominate and undermine our lives…"
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times