EVERS: Do you have any idea how emotionally unforthcoming you are?
MARIE: Yes, Evers. I've always been like this. Since I was a child. Did you only just notice?

MARIE: I'm so happy here. Happier than I ever thought I could be, and i feel it, the happiness, balancing on the edge of a knife, ready to tip if we cause even the smallest rankle. ...Are you not as happy as that?


Walnut-Crusted Goat Cheese and Other Psychic Disturbances

this play is currently in development

Renovations is the story of a couple's life together in their dream home told from the end to the beginning.

The play begins just after Evers untimely death, his widow Marie grieving alone in her dismantled house, but as the story moves back in time we find that the marriage died long before Evers. It becomes clear, as we watch the home-improvements reverse and the house return to the dowdy state they found it in years before, that Marie and Evers' relationship was fragile and could not tolerate disruption. While they had the tools to strip the layers of paint, peel the wallpaper, chip away at all that was distasteful, we find they didn't know how to maintain the integrity of their house; Marie's sudden decision not to have children, Evers quitting his job without warning, even Evers friendship with the next door neighbor contributed to the slow deterioration of their foundation. By the end of the play we are left with a couple, filled with hope and possibility for their life together, and only we know how it ends.

Cast: 2 men, 1 woman

RENOVATIONS is in development.

MARIE: We've both been remiss. Not finishing what we started.